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The Manhattan Beach Residents Association (MBRA) was formed over 29 years ago for the purpose of providing information, education and support to residents of Manhattan Beach in dealings with local government. MBRA is an all-volunteer organization, working to preserve the residential character and quality of our unique neighborhoods, promote local businesses, advocate for local schools, and increase broader participation in City government.


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This month in the OBSERVER Newsletter


Our City's Fire and Paramedic Services Department needs Your


Dear MB Residents:  I know, as well as you do, the great value our MBFD firefighter/paramedics provide to the safety of our community, especially in regards to medical emergencies.  I also believe our MBFD is one of the very best in the state with an extraordinary culture of service.  

We have an opportunity to save our MBFD at the upcoming City Council meeting on Tuesday, October 15.  Item # 15 is to consider a request by Mayor Hersman and Councilmember Napolitano "...whether the County of LA Fire Feasibility Study should be placed on a future City Council agenda?". 
The three options for Council are:  
1.  Receive and File the study,
2.  Provide direction to staff, or
3. Schedule a meeting to discuss the Fire Feasibility Study.

I need your help to save our MBFD!  I need as many residents as possible to send e-Comments, emails to City Council or provide public comment urging City Council to "Receive and File" the LA County Feasibility Study.  We need to end this discussion now and give our new MBFD Chief Drum a chance!  We have a great Chief and great firefighter/paramedics!  Let's keep it that way!

Please take the time to let our Councilmembers know that we love our MBFD!  And, our MB seniors need our MBFD to be just the way it is!  Our City's Fire and Paramedic Services Department!

Thank you!

Link to PDF Here:  

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 City council forecast agenda: LIFT THE BAN on SHORT TERM RENTALS on March 6, 2019 (The day after the election) See item #10 below. If they do this, it gives the Coastal Commission jurisdiction, residents lose.

10. Consider Introduction of Ordinance

No. 19--- Amending the Manhattan Beach Municipal Code to Allow and Ancillary Activity of Guest Transient Rental of Single-Family Houses Under Limited Circumstances, and Continue to Prohibit the Commercial Short Term Rental of Residential Properties in the City of Manhattan Beach (Community Development Director McIntosh) (Public Hearing)

February 13 2019 Agenda Forecast-1.png

On Tuesday, February 12, 2019 at 7:00 PM in the Police/Fire Conference Room at 420 15th Street, the Manhattan Beach Residents Association is hosting a Candidates Forum with all 7 candidates for MB City Council.

I hope everyone has already written the City Council about short term rentals.  They need to know what everyone thinks.  Just send your opinions to,  We should also mention the procedural issue of that this was being postponed until February and then changing their mind and putting it back on the agenda Tuesday, January 15th, 2019.

Current Article in this Months OBSERVER Newsleter

The current ballot measure for a PARCEL TAX FOR 6 YEARS promoted by the MBUSD is unnecessary now.

By Bill Victor

The 5/16/2018 available cash balance of the MBUSD is in excess of $91,421, 834 (over 91 Million Dollars!) which doesn't include whatever balances are in the MB School Facilities Corporation (MBSFC).

The MBUSD has refused to respond to requests relating to the finances of (MBSFC) founded by the
District. The CA. Secretary of State 2016 & 2017 information statements indicates that the three principal officers of MBSFC (including the Superintendent of MBUSD) are also employees /officers of MBUSD. The MBUSD's response to a Request for information pursuant to the California Public Records Act to supply any financial records or balance sheets for the MBSFC was "unduly burdensome". The Superintendent's executive assistant promised to provide additional details concerning the more than 91Million Dollar cash balance as reported on the one-page Daily Cash balance report dated May 16, 2018 (attached) on, May 23, and she did not do so.

The Superintendent's 2016 my compensation was in excess of $288,000. However, records show he
was granted a 2% pay increase effective 1/1/17; his annual pay then exceeded $300,000, the reported pay of the Superintendent of the second largest school system in the US (Los Angeles).

Regarding the Senior exemption, The MBUSD Superintendent said to me this month "since you area resident over 65 you are exempt from the parcel tax"; It is not true. For example, a senior who lives on a parcel as the primary residence can still be denied the senior exemption. Also each senior must apply and be approved each of the six years for the exemption by deadlines set by the MBUSD and can be required to provide confidential personal documents before being granted or denied an exemption.

Some or all of the parcel tax can be charged by a landlord to the tenants. Tenants should also be sure to vote June 5.

A senior voter having difficulty from MBUSD in proving that she, in fact, lives in her property said in frustration that she "will not vote".  She MUST vote against the parcel tax if she wants it to be
defeated. Her "non-vote" will not be counted as a "No "vote because only the actual "yes" or "no"
votes are counted for the measure to pass or fail.

Based on the above I plan to vote "NO" for the parcel tax because it is not needed at this time. The interest alone on 94.1 million dollars should be sufficient to pay salaries of the nine teachers not terminated and courses not eliminated, smaller classes and the quality education to continue as planned.

Enclosure:The one- page daily cash balance report for the MBUSD. dated May 16, 2018, showing a cash balance of 91.4 Million Dollars received on May 18, 2018.from the Office of the Superintendent pursuant to a request pursuant to the California Public Records Act. The Executive Assistant to the Superintendent was helpful in making available some of the requested records.

A "NO VOTE" is suggested on June 5!! Vote early since in the past some locations were changed & little or no notice.

Vote early on June 5, since in the past some location were change with little or no notice.

Bill Victor
Manhattan Beach

Underground Questions Surface

By M. Joan Lockney

I recently read an article published in the Beach
Reporter---an article stating that under-grounding
is back. I noticed that there is not one vote
per household but that the number of votes
depends on property assessment. Doesn’t this
system almost guarantee an outcome that the
City Council wants---a ‘yes’ vote? I do wonder
about the legality of one group of citizens of a
city granted favorable treatment. If it not illegal,
it should be.
Several questions come to mind: Are those
of us who are old-time residents in smaller
houses second-class citizens? It is the older
residents of this city who have the most to
lose in this process. We all know it is wise to
have an emergency fund, especially in old age,
since old age is difficult, particularly from the
standpoint of health. Now we could be asked
to give the city money—in some cases a lot of
money---for a project we do not choose and
one that is questionable. Younger residents
might have money concerns, too. To name a
few: college tuition costs for their children, high
house payments,.
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MBUSD Parcel Tax
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