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Jan 23

General Election Information


The City Clerk is the local elections administrator for the City's General Municipal Election.  The City Clerk's responsibilities include, but are not limited to: the preparation of necessary resolutions calling General or Special Municipal Elections; the coordination of the candidate nomination process; ballot designation and statement of qualification; the receipt and processing of initiative, referendum, and recall petitions; and the certification of election results.

In order to vote in an election, you must be a registered voter. Voter Registration Forms and other information can be obtained through any of the following means:

The Manhattan Beach City Clerk's Office: 1400 Highland Avenue, Manhattan Beach, CA  90266 Call (310) 802-5056  

The Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk: Call (800) 481-8683

Register to Vote - Online Application Permanent Vote By Mail - Application (PDF)

The California Secretary of State: Call (800) 345-8683

New Posts
    Feb 16
    Jan 23

    At the December 4, 2018, meeting, City Council adopted Resolution Nos. 18-0521 placing a ballot measure on the March 5, 2019, General Municipal Election to increase the City’s uniform hotel/motel occupancy tax (TOT) to 14% and directed the City Attorney to prepare an impartial analysis. Additionally, the City Council adopted Resolution No. 18-0164  providing for the filing of rebuttal arguments for city measures submitted at Municipal Elections. Consistent with the elections code, the City Clerk has posted a notice to voters regarding the date after which no arguments for or against the City Measure may be submitted to the City Clerk. If you have questions, or need additional information, please see the Measure A Voter Information page, or contact the City Clerk's office at (310) 802-5056 or via email .
    Feb 5, 2017

    On Tuesday, Feb 7th at the City Council meeting, we 'll be asking that they reject the proposed addition of cement in Polliwog Park. (Please see photos and details below) and then please let the City Council know your thoughts. Writing your own thoughts is best, but if you don’t have time you can copy/paste:  Please reject the proposed addition cement in Polliwog Park in the “SRTS” proposal. E-mail All City Council Members with a Copy to City Manager for Request Tracking The details: In a city-wide project called “Safe Routes to School” there is a plan to put a 350’ cement bike path in Polliwog Park. Our members who have seen the plans feel that it makes no sense. Here’s why: Middle School students have already been riding bikes through the park since the school was built! It’s a safe and beautiful way to get to school. The number of bikers that ride through the park to school varies from only 1 or 2 on rainy days and from 7 or 17 in dry weather. Most bikers won’t ride along this particular proposed path, because students’ homes are in all directions from the park, and so they enter from many different directions. Only a fraction ride in the direction of this particular path. Many students on bikes ride across the grass cutting diagonally, some use the existing cement paths part way and others just ride across the grass. The grass is soft and not dangerous. Another design element for the middle school calls for removing 30 feet of the south fence.  We agree with this because right now there is a bottleneck and that would relieve the bottleneck. However, we do not think that we need the cement! Throughout the school day on campus, these students use grass to sit and have lunch and activities on the campus south lawn and the north field. Grass is really nice. MBMS is a Green Ribbon School, which recognizes schools that show combined progress in ALL three of these areas, collectively known as Pillars, serves as the basis for recognition: Reduce environmental impact and costs; Improve the health and wellness of schools, students, and staff; and Provide environmental education, which teaches many disciplines, and is especially good at effectively incorporating STEM, civic skills, and green career pathways. Walking through green space has been proven to bring many health benefits, such as reducing stress and violent behavior in school. We know that these Polliwog Park grasses are important for absorbing city rain water and that we have dozens of species of birds who forage for food in them. We ‘re asking that the City Council not accept cement in Polliwog Park in this “SRTS” proposal. "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has".- Attributed to M. Mead Thanks for all you do!