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  • Successful in obtaining lot merger moratorium.


  • Monitored City Code amendments to reduce visual bulk and volume standards.


  • Providing information and support to residents whose homes are recognized as culturally and historically important.


  • Successful in encouraging City Council to prevent banner advertising across Manhattan Beach Blvd at Manhattan Avenue, leaving the view of the Pier unobstructed.


  • Supported commercial-free residential walkstreets; limited the commercialization of walkstreet businesses to those previously approved.


  • Worked to limit the size and composition of the Metlox commercial project to preserve the small-town nature of the downtown commercial area.


  • Worked to preserve the Stand gardens.


  • Provided assistance and information to residents in a successful effort to retain the right of way open space at Veterans’ Parkway.


  • Supported the adoption of regulations in support of the Sand Dune Park residents.


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